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7 Benefits of Serviced Apartments In the UK

Thursday May 4, 2017 by Guest Blogger

If you are a U.S. businessman travelling to the UK on business, a serviced apartment is exactly what you need. It can be more cost effective than a hotel and can make your stay worthwhile and convenient.

Here are seven reasons why U.S. businessmen should stay in serviced apartments when visiting the UK...

1 - You can Work Efficiently

Serviced apartments come without the strict breakfast, lunch and dinner hours that hotels follow. If you have a conference or some urgent work, you might often have to miss dinner or lunch.

A Serviced apartments provides a fully furnished kitchen where you can make a meal of your own and eat at your own leisure. You can cook familiar home food which will make you feel more at home.

2 - Choose your Own Apartments

Unlike hotels, you get to choose your own rooms if you are planning to stay in serviced apartments. Thus, serviced apartments make you feel more comfortable and create for you a home away from home.

3 - Safety and Privacy

There are electronic videophones with which you can monitor and allow who comes into your apartment. That is guaranteed to make you feel more secure.

4 - More Spacious than Hotels

Unlike the restricted space of a hotel, service apartments are larger, giving you more space that you can either work or relax in.  All serviced apartments come with free Wi-Fi and unlike many busy hotels, there is less competition from guests for usage and therefore often, you get better, faster connectivity.

5 - Feel Less like a Tourist

Remember that detached feeling you get when you travel out of your country? Well, do not worry anymore!

Serviced apartments are located in popular neighbourhoods and are well placed within famous landmarks. It allows you to blend in with the mood and atmosphere of the city and feel more at home than ever.

If you feel less homesick, your work efficiency is also guaranteed to increase.

6 - Convenient for Meetings

After flying long hours in cramped conditions, you can relax well here, and be fresh and ready for a meeting the very next day. Also, with serviced apartments located conveniently for public transport, it will be much easier to reach your destination in time.

7 - More cost-effective for Long Term

If you are travelling in groups, hotels can be very expensive especially when they charge per person. However, that is not the case for serviced apartments.  You only pay for the apartment.  If you need more rooms just rent a larger serviced apartment when on business. Don’t forget, for long-term stays, there are many enticing discounts to be had when you make your booking.


How can you find out which Service Apartments you should Stay?

Prestige Apartments are well-renowned service apartment providers in the UK. They provide high-quality service, keeping in mind your comforts and are the market-leading UK serviced booking agency.

They have over 700 apartments you can choose from, in all the major cities like London, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Leeds. They also have very positive reviews from clients which make them the preferred choice for US Businessmen needing accommodation in the UK, searching for serviced apartments.

So if you are a businessman, travelling to the UK for business or pleasure, steer away from hotels if you are looking for a cost-effective, spacious, relaxing and secure place to stay. Be sure to stay in a prestige serviced apartment for an enriching and satisfying experience, both personally and professionally.

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