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How Technology is being used in Serviced Apartments

Posted: Friday October 23, 2015 by Alex Wood

Madonna famously once sang that ‘we live in a material world’ and although I realise I may be showing my age somewhat, I do think it’s high time that we updated her modernist mantra to read ‘we live in a technological world!’ My blog looks at the benefits of living in a technological world when travelling, be it for business or pleasure.

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The madness of the Rugby World Cup

Posted: Friday September 11, 2015 by Guest Blogger

I love Rugby. The camaraderie, the brutality, the gentlemen players, the bounce of the oval ball, the smell of Deep Heat in the changing room, playing in the mud and rain…in short I love everything about the great game. Having a Rugby World Cup coming to our shores is the best thing ever! So for those of you who are still uninitiated into this great game, I’ve put together a Beginners Guide to the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

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Using a Serviced Apartment when Moving House

Posted: Friday June 12, 2015 by Aleksandra Guzek

Ok. The decision’s been made. And you ARE going to leave your sensational new summer clothes, trendy Brazilian flip flops and awesome house with that amazing swimming pool behind and relocate! And it’s going to be to this leading global city, with its thriving art scene, its commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, research and development, tourism, and transport all contributing to its prominence… Yup, it’s London, baby.

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