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Terrific Tooley Street

Posted: Monday February 1, 2016 by Sophie Oram

Wow, pizza and beer – Flying Butler could not have gone for a more practical, relaxing and enjoyable way to showcase their new London Bridge property than by inviting everyone over for a visit! Check out that Shard!

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How Technology is being used in Serviced Apartments

Posted: Friday October 23, 2015 by Alex Wood

Madonna famously once sang that ‘we live in a material world’ and although I realise I may be showing my age somewhat, I do think it’s high time that we updated her modernist mantra to read ‘we live in a technological world!’ My blog looks at the benefits of living in a technological world when travelling, be it for business or pleasure.

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Local knowledge

Posted: Friday July 17, 2015 by Alex Wood

I’ve been working in the serviced apartment and relocation industry for more years than I care to remember and I’ve seen and heard pretty much every conceivable issue that could have cropped up for our clients! So with all of that experience behind me, I was pretty confident that I really understood the needs of the business traveller. In actual fact however, it wasn’t until I relocated myself and tasted life from the other side of the fence that I really, truly ‘got it’.

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