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The History of James Watt

Posted: Friday November 27, 2015 by Guest Blogger

"James Watt, I never saw such an idle boy; take a book or employ yourself usefully; for the last hour you have not spoken a word, but taken off the lid of that kettle and put it on again, holding now a cup and now a silver spoon over the steam, watching how it rises from the spout, and catching the drops of water it turns into. Are you not ashamed to spend your time in this way?"

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The Life and Achievements of Sir Steve Redgrave

Posted: Friday September 4, 2015 by Guest Blogger

Sir Steve Redgrave is one of Britain’s greatest ever sportsmen. He’s famous for having won 5 Olympic gold medals in his chosen sport of Rowing in 5 consecutive Olympic Games over a 20 year period. But he’s loved and revered for his down-to-earthness, his humility, his courage and his niceness despite all of that success. He has transcended his sport and become one of Britain’s most recognizable and respected ambassadors. Let’s take a look at what makes him tick.

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Joseph Conrad

Posted: Friday July 31, 2015 by Guest Blogger

This month we celebrate ‘diversity’ in the form of a naturalized Englishman, a personal hero and a true literary great, the Polish born writer Joseph Conrad.

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The Story of Emmeline Pankhurst

Posted: Thursday May 7, 2015 by Guest Blogger

With the May 7th elections looming and with all of us in the UK having a momentous decision to make, I thought it the perfect month in my Best of Britons series to look back at the life and works of one of our most influential political figures. A towering giant whose amazing achievements have garnered worldwide attention long after her life. And who just happens to be a woman.

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