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Spring Is In The Air

Friday March 4, 2016 by Alex Wood

It's Springtime...for Alex...and England!

As a migrant now from my English homeland, drawn to France like so many others by the lure of sunshine and endless days of summer, at this time of year my thoughts inevitably turn from this corner of a foreign field, back towards the land of my birth. And as much as I love the fantastic climate in my new home and my adopted country, I still miss the wonderfully gentle phenomenon that is the English Springtime

There really is something almost indefinable yet truly special about the gentle, delicate promise of the English countryside in this, the prettiest of the seasons.  The UK has so many things to recommend it, even though it may well not be perfect weather-wise but, especially at this time of year, is there anywhere else you’d rather be?


So yes, finally…after an interminably long and dull and flood filled winter, spring is in the air and we’re caught between the promise and fulfilment of better days to come. Yes, those sad dark days of winter when we arrive at work in the dark and leave in the very same state, are over! Yay! Blossom has appeared on the trees, spring bulbs are pushing their way through to the daylight and birdsong can be heard in the evening twilight and in the dewy mornings. 

March heralds the coming of spring both metaphorically and physically as the First Official Day of Spring is the 20th March and clocks go forward on the 27th March.   It’s the month to throw off the shackles of winter and start celebrating with the national days of both St David and St Patrick being celebrated by the Welsh and the Irish respectively. The latter celebrations are traditionally known to be somewhat more vociferous and widespread than the former, and have indeed been known to extend themsleves beyond the borders of Kilburn and into the deepest, darkest bars and pubs of the West End!

On a rather more sedate note we also celebrate Mothering Sunday on the 6th March in the UK (unlike our colonial cousins) and this year Easter arrives early too (25th – 28th March) which should add to everyone’s lightening of mood by providing a long weekend break just exactly when we all most need it.  In fact, why not make the most of the long Easter weekend and get together with family and friends?  We’ve still got a great selection of family friendly apartments available and just waiting for you!


So as winter gives way to spring, life is good and with the weather warming up it’s the perfect time to get out and about and explore this stunningly beautiful country. Observe Exhibits A and B above: both of beautiful Roundhay Park near Leeds in West Yorkshire. There are some of the world’s most amazing destinations out there just waiting for you to discover and spring is an ideal time to do it. Why not visit some of the beautiful gardens that abound in the UK and if you’re still looking for some extra inspiration, here are my top 10 gardens to visit.

So don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today!  Seize the day and book a city break in one of our UK-wide serviced apartments.  Once you’ve got those holiday dates in the diary it’ll keep you going until the summer - so you can relax and enjoy the rest of the spring!


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Posted by Alex Wood

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