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Benefits Of Serviced Apartments For Business Travellers

Friday June 13, 2014 by Alex Wood

Despite the advances in technology promising easy online meetings, most people still prefer to do business face to face and so business travel is still very much a necessity in the modern world. Whatever you call them - serviced apartments, corporate housing, temporary accommodation- the rapid growth of the industry in the UK is testimony to the increasing popularity of the sector,but just what are the main benefits of serviced apartments to the business traveller?


Just as you wouldn't expect your staff to be on top form when arriving jet-lagged straight off an economy flight, you can't expect them to perform to their highest potential on a business trip when housed in a cramped hotel room with no home comforts. Serviced apartments offer far more flexible catering options and much more space than a hotel. After a busy day guests can relax on the sofa, cook dinner when they want, spread out and work in the living room and then go to bed in a separate bedroom - no need to clear away paperwork to reach the bed!


You get great value for money in serviced apartments compared to hotels, particularly on stays of 7 nights or more, and there are often even further reductions available for longer stays of over a month. The kitchens in serviced apartments offer an invaluable bonus as they cut out the need to spend money on room service or expensive (and often unsatisfactory) hotel restaurants every night. Yet more cost savings on expenses!


Whilst the internet is seen as a priority for most of us, in business travel it's an essential, and most corporate housing include the internet connection for free. In addition, whereas hotels can charge prohibitive call charges, in serviced accommodation the call charges are usually at cost. Which means guests can call home for minimal expense and keep the broadband free for work.


Most business travellers, being strangers to the city they are visiting, rely on public transport to get around which makes the location of serviced apartments so vital. Serviced apartments are usually to be found in central locations and business districts of major cities with great access to transport facilities. Also being centrally located business travellers have the convenience of shops and city life on their doorstep to enjoy in their precious time off!


Overall, as well as providing lower travel costs for companies, serviced accommodation could lead to much more motivated and productive staff who are better able to focus on the job they've travelled all that way to do.

If you don't currently use serviced accommodation for business travel, now could be the time to start. Prestige Apartments has an extensive database of serviced accommodation ideal for business travellers throughout the Great Britain. Just give our friendly and knowledgeable sales team a call to discuss your needs on 020 7704 6514 or email onsales@prestigeapartments.co.uk


Why do you book serviced apartments for business travel? - let me know your reasons onFacebook or Twitter (#PASbusinesstravel) and I'll put together all of the favourites throughout the year in a round up review post!

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Posted by Alex Wood

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