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Monday September 30, 2013 by Marietjie Snyman

With our tickets pre-booked and our day all planned out, Alex Wood and I met up at Euston station at the incredibly early time of 8:30am!

Quickly collecting our tickets we made a mad dash for a much needed coffee and croissant. With just minutes to spare we slipped onto the 8:42 to Milton Keynes Central!

The train was pretty busy but we had comfy seats and nice coffee so we were happy. We couldn’t help but notice just how many business meetings were taking place around us on the train but with the journey taking just under 35 minutes we were there in what felt like no time.

Our first appointment was with the lovely Cotels girls Sonya and Marcia! Unfortunately Chris was on holiday so we didn’t get to catch up with him. We had a good natter about industry news, their different locations and of course “What’s next for Cotels?”. Of course, girls being girls we couldn’t help but wonder of the work related topics…and found out that Sonya is pregnant with twins –hooray! We can now exclusively reveal that she is going to be having two boys. Congratulations again to her!

Our next appointment was with Shortletting.com where we met up with the very friendly and always bubbly Carol. I’ve been speaking to Carol over the phone for a very long time so it was great to finally meet her. She spoilt us with some yummy coffee and biscuits while we discussed their portfolio of apartments and she filled us in on all there is to know about MK.

Running ahead of schedule now, we popped off to our next appointment, meeting Fiona from City Apartments. We got an opportunity to say hello to their entire team, and it was certainly nice to meet everyone. We strolled over to The Hub (just a few minutes walk from their offices) where we had a good look around the various apartments. The apartments that we saw were all of a good standard and were well decorated with neutral colours. The Hub has such a great location being within walking distance of the station and of course, you’re absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to the restaurants in the square!

Which brings us nicely to Lunch Time.  

We said our goodbye’s to Fiona and decided to forage for food! Walking around the square we were initially quite surprised by how quiet it was but as lunch time proper approached it soon filled up with diners. We decided on Browns Restaurant and didn’t leave disappointed. They get a Thumbs Up for both the good food and the great service. Our waitress Victoria kept us entertained!

For our final appointment of the day we met up with Bethany from City Stay Apartments. After just a brief gossip we headed out to view her apartments at Vizion.

I have to say, personally…this was my favourite. The apartments were again of a good standard however these were decorated with bolder colours and statements, and if you’ve ever seen how I dress, you would understand why it was my fave! The building offers a reception and roof terrace garden.

At this point it was time for Alex W to head back to London so we said our goodbye’s and she shot off to do some proper work.

As Bedford is just down the road Bethany kindly offered to take me to see Lloyd Court. We took the scenic drive to Bedford which didn’t take long at all. Lloyd Court offers a very quiet location and you’ll be pleased to know that I quite liked the wall paper! We’ll certainly recommend it as an alternative to Milton Keynes. After this we headed back to MK.

 So the work day had come to an “end”….now it was time to have some fun at the Xscape centre. On arrival I thought: “Mmmm, it would be rude not to have a quick look around”. And do you know what? It really does have something for everyone. There’s a choice of clothing stores, Cineworld, Hollywood Bowl, The Casino, restaurants andbars, whatever! 

If you’re really still not convinced why not try the Airkix Indoor SkydivingRock Climbing or the Snowzone yourself? For myself, there was no doubt and I headed straight over to the Airkix indoor skydiving (slightly nervous but really excited). I pre-booked my “flight” for 4pm, and handily it was really easy to use their website which offers different time slots. Just do be aware when yougo that you’re expected to be there 1 hour before flight time and that you have to wear lace up shoes!

Waiting in suspense the instructor approached us and ushered our small group into a darkened room. Nothing sinister - we were just shown a very short video which explained the different hand signs and what to expect during the flight. When you’re in the wind tunnel it’s too noisy to hear each other so it’s important to be able to communicate with the instructor. Next he talked us through the Do’s and Dont’s. At that point I had a slight panicked feeling of “OMG, I can’t remember any of the hand signs” – very over dramatic ha ha!

Next you locker up (They take pound coins - remember to take one!)…and suit up.

You’re provided with a stylish full body suit, a cool helmet and chic goggles. Yeah, right! Once geared up you head towards the wind tunnel.  We had the opportunity to watch the end of the previous class. Excitement was building….also noticed at this point that the music playing was all “flying” related – which made me smile!

As I had booked a kick-start session you get two sets of 1 minutes flight time. Now I know this sounds pretty meagre but once you’re inside the tunnel it feels much longer and I personally thought that this was more than enough for a first timer. My 1st attempt was pretty embarrassing but I soon got the hang of it and started to enjoy it. The instructor is with you the entire time while in the tunnel and makes sure that you’re safe and you’re keeping “the pose”. While waiting for your 2nd flight you have the opportunity to watch your 1st flight on a screen – kinda handy to learn from and also good to laugh at!

Flight 2 arrived and this time around just before entering the instructor pointed up with his finger….signalling a question: “after the flight would you like me to take you up in the tunnel really fast, you won’t know what is up or down – hold on tight?” Well, what’s a girl to do? I gave him a big thumbs up! They charged an extra 5 quid for this, but it was well worth it. Exiting the tunnel after the 2nd flight I couldn’t stop smiling – no really I couldn’t….I think my adrenalin went into total overdrive. With wobbly legs (and yes, still smiling) we went back to the waiting area to return the gear and collect our stuff and then it was back to the front desk to pick up a certificate and you’re given the obligatory purchasing opportunity in DVD or photo formats. What a great end to my day in Milton Keynes – I’ll definitely be going again.

 The whole day went really well – Milton Keynes has got so much to offer and being so close to London I can understand why many people like staying here and travelling into London. And who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that 720 metre long shopping centre!

Next stop – Euston...and I’m home, back in lovely London!

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Posted by Marietjie Snyman

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